On September 5th, we accomplished our first elephant rescue mission, unchaining Kanoon, a male elephant who had endured four years of captivity next to a garbage dump and had lost one eye in Chiang Mai. This rescue mission was groundbreaking because Kanoon became the world's first tokenized elephant, paving the way for more to follow. We launched the project with a dual fundraising approach, combining the utilization of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with crowdfunding. This effort, which combined 40% of thefunds from digital membership (NFTs) and 60% from crowdfunding, amounted to an impressive $19,495 USD (662,852 baht). This achievement not only secured Kanoon's freedom but also validated the effectiveness of our business model.

Today, Kanoon is unchained andenjoys his new life and is learning the ways of elephants at Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary (BLES) in Sukhothai, Thailand.

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November 3rd 2023 - Join Forces To Liberate Kham Phaeng: Breaking The Chains Of A Lifetime Of Suffering

In a collaborative effort, Unchained Elephants and the Somboon Legacy Foundation are urgently working to rescue Kham Phaeng and offer her a chance at a better life.

Kham Phaeng, a 54-year-old female elephant, has endured a lifetime of hardship and suffering. She's been cruelly chained with heavy, very short chains on both her front and back feet and   Her agony is immeasurable. Years of strenuous labor in the tourism industry have taken a toll on her, leaving her without teeth, and she suffers from leg and foot problems. To compound her suffering, she's blind in one eye, her right eye.

Together, we have the power to reshape Kham Phaeng's future, granting her the life she rightfully deserves, just as we did for Kanoon. Join us in Kham Phaeng’s incredible journey to freedom by supporting her rescue. Your contribution, no matter the amount, makes a meaningful difference in her life and the lives of elephants like her.

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Vicki Kiely is an animal rights activist who dreams of living, surrounded by nature, and is actively working to make this planet a better place. Her passion for all animals took her to Japan, where she actively monitored for many seasons, the hunting, slaughtering, and capturing of thousands of dolphins every year in Taiji, at the infamous Cove. This organization ‘Dolphin Project’ was formed by the famous Ric O’Barry, an animal rights activist who was recognized in the 1960s for capturing dolphins and training them for the TV series Flipper. Vicki has a special love and connection to elephants, which drove her to Unchained Elephants. The mission of the project immediately resonated with her. She is passionate about creating awareness and has been working closely with elephants for more than six years.

The Activist

The Activist




The project started as The XRP Herd 🔥, initial design drafts, selection of the style and development of the website.


1st NFT Drop

Launch the site and start pre-sales through our website using XRP as currency. February 2022, first drop of 566 NFTs on Sologenic on XLS14, with a total initial sales of 10,076 XRP.



First donations released. 40% of the pre-ordered total sells 4.030 XRP was donated to 3 elephant sanctuaries in Thailand to support the elephants' food and care supplies as follows:
Camp Chang - Pattaya: 2418 XRP
Khao Sok 🐘Sanctuary: 1007 XRP 
Phuket Nature 🐘Reserve - Phuket: 604 XRP

MAY 2022


The new BIG GOAL, to UNCHAIN AND RESCUE elephants in Thailand to place them in a nurture haven. The rebranding started with a name that matches the new goals, new website, imagery. We kept the same elephant design and same commitment to make this project a success!

JUNE / JULY 2022


Develop strategic partnerships in Phuket to unchain the elephants as well as partnerships with tourism activities to bring more utility to the holders. Secure early access to the new launch pad called onXRP.
Complete the drawings of the 99 OH and custom design for influencers.



Mint of the 1st collection of The Unchained Elephants on the XLS20 protocol and raised enough money to rescue two elephants.

Q4 2022


Buy the freedom of at least 2 elephants and place them on an elephant sanctuary.
Roll-out benefits for holders that will include discounts on restaurants, accommodation, attractions and giveaways to access to selected events on the island of Phuket starting in December 2022.



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