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A project that aims to buy the freedom & rescue working elephants in Thailand while building a community of exclusive travelers. The project combines art with a social cause, using NFT technology to raise awareness and funds for the welfare of elephants in Thailand.

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The Original Herd
Welcome to our herd!
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Unchained Elephants NFT Art Project With A Purpose

Our mission is to raise awareness among travelers about the harmful practices of elephant tourism, which often involves exploiting elephants for entertainment. By supporting Unchained Elephants through the purchase of these digital collectibles, individuals can not only contribute to the rescue and rehabilitation of these majestic animals, but also learn about the issues surrounding elephant tourism and take a stand against animal exploitation. We believe that through the power of art and technology, we can create meaningful change and make a positive impact on the lives of elephants and the people who care for them.


NFT Project

NFT Project



The utility

The utility

Donating 40% of the primary sales to buy captive elephants and retire them in a sanctuary.
Donating a percentage of secondary sales to feed and maintain the rescued elephants.
Initial Holders will receive a certificate of adoption from the rescued elephants.
Get a tour at one of the elephant Sanctuaries we will be working with (Starting from December 2022 until December 2023).
Access to our exclusive travel club platform with discounts and travel perks in excursions, tours and hotels in Phuket (Starting in Jan 2023).
Get a curated tourist guide of Phuket.
Get whitelisted for future drops.
Receive discounts on Unchained Elephants (UE) merchandising.


This project was born in 2021 as the impact of the pandemic on tourism also affected the livelihood of these gentle giants. Now that tourism is coming back, elephants are again being forced to work on tourism related activities. UE aims to make a difference in their livelihood, by rescuing these working elephant(s) from harsh conditions such as logging industries, captive in zoos, animal shows, as well as elephant riding. Sending them to a safe haven where they can be unchained and taken care of in these sanctuaries.

Unchained Elephants was founded with a purpose not only to help these animals and raise awareness in the tourism industry in Thailand but also to develop a community of travelers that are animal friendly and are looking for different travel experiences.

The Cause

The Cause

the Artist

the Artist

The Original Unchained Elephants 🔥 consists of 99 elephants (the OHs) that are being hand-drawn by a talented Ecuadorian artist, "Huesos Negros". Each artwork showcases an elephant sitting in meditation, enjoying serenity with a large variety of backgrounds.

The artist specializes in art concept, illustrations, drawing, graffiti, and digital paint with specific skills in animal and character drawing. He has a major in Digital Art, a Fine Arts degree and has completed a Foundation and Design Program from CG Master Academy in Los Angeles, California. He has also worked with several companies such as McCann Erickson, Grey, MullenLowe Group, and most recently, for MATE Ecuador on a collaboration for Netflix.

Vicki Kiely is an animal rights activist who dreams of living, surrounded by nature, and is actively working to make this planet a better place. Her passion for all animals took her to Japan, where she actively monitored for many seasons, the hunting, slaughtering, and capturing of thousands of dolphins every year in Taiji, at the infamous Cove. This organization ‘Dolphin Project’ was formed by the famous Ric O’Barry, an animal rights activist who was recognized in the 1960s for capturing dolphins and training them for the TV series Flipper. Vicki has a special love and connection to elephants, which drove her to Unchained Elephants. The mission of the project immediately resonated with her. She is passionate about creating awareness and has been working closely with elephants for more than six years.

The Activist

The Activist



This NFT art project was founded and developed by Daniel Villota. Daniel is an entrepreneur born in Ecuador, but has been living in Thailand for the past 13 years. Daniel and his wife Susan (half Thai/Finnish) successfully developed a Digital Marketing Agency, E-Media Asia, in Phuket for the past 10 years. They have also developed other projects like Coffee Culture, Ripple Surf Thailand and other online ventures.

Animal Activist
Project Director
Project Development
Technical Analyst
Thai Editor
Video Editor
Animal Activist
AS Featured on YouTube




The project started as The XRP Herd, initial designs were drafted, selection of style was made, and the development of the website. The Beginning.


1st NFT Drop

Launch the site and start pre-sales through our website using XRP as currency. February 2022, first drop of 566 NFTs on Sologenic on XLS14, with a total initial sales of 10,076 XRP.



First donations released. 40% of the pre-ordered total sells 4.030 XRP was donated to 3 elephant sanctuaries in Thailand to support the elephants' food and care supplies as follows:
Camp Chang - Pattaya: 2418 XRP
Khao Sok 🐘Sanctuary: 1007 XRP 
Phuket Nature 🐘Reserve - Phuket: 604 XRP

MAY 2022


The new BIG GOAL was inspired. A mission to unchain the elephants and release them in a nurture haven. And so rebranding was a necessity. XRP Herd was rebranded to Unchained Elephants.

JUNE / JULY 2022


Developed strategic partnerships both within Phuket and other islands in Thailand, to unchain the elephants. While at the same time also developing hotel partnerships in order to introduce more utilities for our holders.



Introduction of The Unchained Travel Pass. A limited and exclusive NFT Collection given away for FREE and granting their holders access to the Unchained Elephants NFT pre-sales round.

November 2022


Minting Of The Unchained Travel Pass and transfer to their rightful holders.- Mint the 1st collection of The World Cup 2022 Unchained Elephants NFTs - Start with PRE-SALES



- Start Public Sales 
- Rescue the elephants and place them in a safe environment. 
- Deliver the Curated Phuket Tourist Guide to our NFT holders. 

Q1 2023


- Officially launch the Educational Program for travelers
- Start trips to the sanctuary for holders to experience the çelephants in the most elephant-friendly and ethical way possible.

Q2 - Q3  2023


Launch of the travel platform. Roll-out benefits / perks for holders which will include exclusive discounts on restaurants, accommodation and attractions, chance to win in giveaways, and access to selected events on the Island of Phuket & Samui. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a type of digital ownership of which is recorded by blockchain. Each NFT is unique and immutable, which can be anything such as a piece of audio, video or image in digital form.

How do I buy a NFT if I am NEW to crypto?

If you are new to crypto and the NFT world, you can purchase your NFT directly with a credit card. Afterwards we will send you an easy and detailed email with the step by step to set up your personal wallet where your NFT will be stored.

How do I buy a NFT with crypto?

We will be using onXRP NFT Launchpad, where you can buy directly

What is a digital wallet?

Simply put, digital wallets are the storage location for all of your NFTs and cryptocurrencies (like benign your own bank) that can only be accessed by the person who created the wallet. It is very important to store your seed phrase on a piece of paper and keep it secure. Do not store this phrase on an email or any place that can be accessed online, nor share the seed phrases with anyone. Otherwise by sharing the seed phrase it would be like giving your ATM card with pin code to a stranger. So please, be extremely careful with this.

*Unchained Elephants will never ask you for your seed phrase, so be aware of scammers or malicious actors.

What digital wallet UE recommends?

As we will be using the XRP ledger to mint our collection, the best wallet to use is XUMM. You can download it directly from their site: https://xumm.app (Please always be sure to click on the right link, there are lots of scammers out there trying to steal access to your wallet and funds).

If I buy my NFT with a credit card, how do I access my NFT?

You will receive an email with a step by step guide to set up your personal wallet and download your NFT.

Can I choose my NFT art?

No, all the art will be randomly assigned to everyone. We will inform you the process on how you can claim your NFT after the purchase.

When will I receive my NFT?

As soon as you purchase you will receive instructions on how to claim your NFT. We will start processing and delivering the NFTs to their caretakers, after we receive your order, we will send you instructions, as there will be a few actions that you will need to take inorder to receive your NFT. We will do a first come first serve, so we strongly recommend to start by downloading your digital wallet XUMM.

How many NFT can I purchase?

The limit is up to 9 NFTs per purchase per user.

Can I resell my NFT after purchase?

Yes, you will be able to sell your NFT in the open market though onXRP.com Simply connect your wallet to the market place and follow the instructions to sell your NFT. We will have a video on how to do it soon as the NFT marketplace is live.

What if the NFT’s are sold out?

If all the NFTs are sold out and you want to get one, even if you never bought one before, you can buy on the secondary market. The price of each NFT will be set by each owner, so it will fluctuate depending on what each holder would like to receive for it.

Will I receive the same utilities if I buy the NFT from secondary sells?

There are utilities that can be redeemed only once, so if that NFT was already been used for an specific activity, you won’t be able to claim it again. However, there are other utilities like access to the platform to get discounts and other benefits will be always available as long as you hold the NFT.

What will be the percentage allocated to the elephants?

We will donate 40% of the proceeds to buy/rescue, feed, maintain the elephants and raise awareness about the situation with travelers.

What about the royalties from the secondary sales?

This is a long term commitment so we will donate a percentage from this sales for the elephants and maintain the awareness of the cause.

Where are you planning to place the rescued elephants?

We will decide once we know how many elephants we can rescue. This is something we are working closely with Vicki (UE animal activist) who will guide us based on welfares of the animals and their locations.

What is the cost of an elephant?

Depending on the elephant, the price can vary from 25,000USD up to 90,000USD

Apart from the NFTs, how can I support the cause?

Educating is the key, so you can become an ambassador of UE.
If you would like to support in other ways, please drop a message to Daniel at d@unchainedelephants.com



Through awareness, light can be shed on the circumstances that the elephants currently live in. The start of our NFT project will create a domino effect – a chain reaction that will strengthen and expand the community and spread awareness far and wide.

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Have some questions about our NFT project or our cause? Want to support our cause by partnering with us? Feel free to contact us below: 

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